Late Policy

Quality customer care is not our goal; it is our commitment! We want you or your child to feel that they are getting the individualized attention they deserve. We make it a toppriority to value our patient's time and we make every effort to stay on schedule and will need cooperation from our patients to be able to do so. Being on time for your appointment is crucial to the quality of care that we provide to our patients at Saks Orthodontics.

Due to the traffic in the area, we ask that all patients try to arrive at least 5 minutes prior to their scheduled appointment times.

If you are more than 10 minutes late for your appointment, we will likely ask you to reschedule. Many of our appointments are only 15-25 minutes long. We will make every effort to see you that day, but it just may not be

possible. We understand that things happen which is why we extend as much courtesy to our patients and their families as possible.

*If you are consistently tardy to three or more appointments, you may be charged a missed/late appointment fee of $50.00*

MMissed/late appointments often lead to extended treatment time. A
missed/late appointment reschedule may require waiting as long as 6/8 weeks for a similar appointment time. An appointment during school hours may be arranged sooner. Inconveniencing your work schedule and interrupting your child's studies as infrequently as possible is very important to our office.

Our office requests 24-hour notice if rescheduling your appointment. We understand that life happens, so we allow two missed appointments as a courtesy to you at no charge. At the third missed appointment, a $50 fee would apply. Each missed appointment following would also incur an additional $50 fee. If six missed appointments accumulate, we will have no choice but to dismiss you from our office. We appreciate your understanding, and we thank you for your efforts to make this possible.

We appreciate your understanding,

and we thank you for your efforts to make this possible!

- Saks Orthodontics