We are happy to work with you in filing your insurance forms and accepting payments directly from your insurance company as a service to you. If, however, your insurance company should fail to pay our office for any reason, your account balance will be adjusted to include the amount not paid by your insurance. Payment would then be due within 30 days unless other arrangements are made. It is the policy of some insurance companies not to make payment on initial exams and/or diagnostic records. It is also the policy of some insurance companies not to make direct payments to the orthodontist, but rather to the policyholder. In either case, the payment is due at the time of service unless other arrangements have been made.

insurance-infoInformation required to process your insurance:
We require a completed and signed dental insurance form that has been completed by the policy holder to have on file.

Unique Insurance Situations:
It is the policy of some insurance companies to only make payments to the policyholder. Therefore, a payment arrangement will be made for the total treatment cost.

Dual Insurance:
Saks Orthodontics will accept the primary insurance benefit in most cases. We will file all claims to both insurance companies.

Transfer or Discontinuation of Treatment:
If a patient transfers out of the office or discontinues treatment, we need to notify the insurance companies of these changes. This may result in money being owed to Saks Orthodontics due to the estimated insurance benefit not being paid in full.

Lost or Broken Appliances:
It is the policy of most insurance companies not to reimburse for a lost, broken or replacement appliance (including headgear, lip bumper, retainer, etc.). Therefore, the payment for the appliance is due when the service is rendered. If your insurance company will reimburse for a lost, broken or replacement retainer, we still require payment for the appliance when the service is rendered and the insurance company will reimburse the policyholder.

Changes of benefit or insurance acquired after appliances are placed:
If new insurance is obtained with an orthodontic benefit while active treatment is in progress, Saks Orthodontics will process the claim forms but any benefit will be made directly to the policyholder.